Teaching was ok ,it was difficult to know what sort of specific exercises would be the most beneficial so I opted for a whole range of techniques. At the beginning of his stay Edouard was naturally very quiet and reserved. Thanks again for the contact. We all felt it was more like having a friend to stay than a student. Dans tous les cas, nous sommes ravis de vos prestations. Ils ont tout fait pour que Guillaume passe une semaine sympathique tant par la pratique de la langue que par ils se sont rencontres en anglais nombreuses sorties.

Il ne vous engage absolument rien. Vous faites alors votre choix que vous nous communiquez. Nous faisons de notre mieux pour satisfaire toutes les demandes. Nous vous adressons alors une description des familles acceptant de vous recevoir. Je vous remercie de nous avoir mis en contact. Toute la famille est adorable, tant les enfants que les parents. Ils ont tout fait pour que Guillaume passe une semaine sympathique tant par la pratique de la langue que par les nombreuses sorties.

Merci encore pour vos conseils! Alexandre continuera de dialoguer par mail avec eux pour leur donner de ses nouvelles. Nous retenons et recommandons pour tous cette solution pour progresser efficacement en anglais. Dans tous les cas je parle de votre organisme autour de moi! Coline was a great student and interested in everything that we did.

She came with a good level of English but I hope that she has gone away with even more confidence and the knowledge of how to make strawberry jam and scones!

He was a superb student. He spoke to us and was always interested in what we were doing. We take our students out for visits. Just lately we have seen Mont St Michel, some war graves, the Caen museum, Soutererscope, zoo, the normandy beaches and the Bayeux tapestry. We have also been go Karting and 10 pin bowling. I think that all students enjoyed their stay. We look forward to a further connection with you in the near future.

We can accommodate 2 students or even a family if the parents wanted to stay in this area and leave their child with us during the day. We are very flexible. We all had a very enjoyable evening and Colin and I felt it was the perfect way to end their stay. We would be happy to host more guests. Bien cordialement Alix et Emmanuel L. Elena and Ramon who hosted Basile It has been a pleasure having Basile here with us. I have truly appreciated his way of "joining in with our family". He has been good company, helpful and happy to engage in what was happening.

We have had a good time together all of us, thank you, and thank you to Basile too. I am happy that we had the opportunity to take Basile to experience Murray Head yesterday. I could see Basile was very happy and impressed with the whole thing. Basile has been working hard on his English all week. We have been reading, writing, talking, singing, listening to music, studying lyrics, and watching movies. I feel he made progress and I have given him some suggestions on how to keep this up.

I have encouraged Basile to listen to the bbc radio for half an hour every week, or more often if he has the time.

I wrote down the link for the internet radio in is booklet. There are various subjects to choose from that interest him, news, sports, music. I also suggested a number of book titles for him to read.

He can also, when he watches movies on DVD, watch the English language version with the English subtitles. Nous avons eu aussi beaucoup de chance de tomber sur une famille aussi dynamique et sympathique que cette famille.

The summer has flewn by. I am taking her to the station at Souillac today for her to catch the train to Narbonne where her parents are meeting her. Julie has just left and she had a few tears, myself also.

Saying goodbye is always the worst part, especially when the Students are like Julie. She was very keen and spoke english all the time and after a few days she came out of her shell and really joined in with our family life. She was a pleasure to have around and we all enjoyed her company. I would like to hear any comments from Julie via you for future reference and improvements at our end.

Enjoy the week end Regards. We are all well. I want to give you some news about our holidays with Annabelle, Garry and Geogia.

It was very nice and we had a lot of fun with them. They received us as their own family, and they were very patient with us. They spoke slowly, and help us to speak English. We could meet other English families, we went to a party, a barbecue And we made many things with them. Our dog played with their dogs and cats, it was very good for him, everyday, they went for a walk. Annabelle, Garry and Georgia are a nice and lovely family. They are a lovely family and Georgia and Melanie are getting on very well.

We have lots of things planned for these next two weeks and are looking forward to showing them some of the beautiful places in the Limousin. Encore merci pour tout bien amicalement. Things are still going well and Guillaume has still not caught a fish. He is very happy here and asked if he could stay another week. After this week, please know that we are going to love being a host family in the future and look forward to another referral.

I feel she went home having learnt quite a good bit of English, I hope she feels the same. We will be looking forward to our next student. Thanks for your support through the week. Ci-joint une photo de nous 3. He integrated extremely well with our family, and our friends who came to stay with us mid week. He was very polite, helpful and amusing.

We all felt it was more like having a friend to stay than a student. He spoke a lot of English while he was here, and most of the time was able to put his view across extremely eloquently. When Thibaud could not find the words he wanted, he was able to use different words to enable us to help him find the words he wanted to use. I think that many English 16 year old children would struggle with that! His written work daily became more adventurous, and although he was not always sure of the grammar, he was not frightened to try to put it down on paper, which helped him learn by his mistakes.

I sincerely hope that Thibaud feels his stay with us helped him progress with his English, both written and oral. Leur maison est "very nice" dans un vieux village typiquement anglais, je crois! Il me faudra encore apprendre bien sur. En tous les cas merci. See you later and best regards. I think he is very brave to come all alone to an unknown family with a different culture.

His English is not good but I feel that it is coming on well; he is beginning to get a better "ear" for the language. We are going to a firework party tonight and his parents are collecting him tomorrow. In my village, there was no choice in foreign language: In the university, English was a hard subject for me, but, as it was written, I could have the Aeronautical Engineer Diploma. Now, I work for Airbus France in Toulouse.

It was a real good choice for me because the house owner was an English teacher and I could study and practise to improve my English level quickly. They were no problem at all. They made themselves at home very quickly which is what we like. Thank you very much for choosing us. We always feel very honoured that despite the many homestays advertised, our home is chosen.

Please let us know if we can be of more help. He is a charming young man, and very willing to learn. It was particularly good for me to get back into teaching and I look forward to hosting our next student! Sue Guillaume was charming and a pleasure to have around.

He wasnt that keen on the written side but his parents had warned me he was a little lazy on that front. Teaching was ok ,it was difficult to know what sort of specific exercises would be the most beneficial so I opted for a whole range of techniques. We did some comprehension , some tenses some common phrases some grammar challenges on the bbc. I look forward to having more students to stay with us.

Cela dit, il comprend de mieux en mieux. At the beginning of his stay Edouard was naturally very quiet and reserved.

Pour comprendre ce qui se passe actuellement avec la tentative desesperee de la Cabale pour declencher la troisieme guerre mondiale, il faut d'abord comprendre les bases sur lesquelles tout ceci est fonde. Cet article va me prendre du temps, donc revenez regulierement dessus car je vais poster beau. Mode d'emploi Vous contactez Anglais en France car vous souhaitez reserver un sejour linguistique, avec ou sans cours, pour ameliorer votre anglais.

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