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Part of the exhibition "Platforms of the Visible. Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari. Mejishi, Ogi, Sadogashima, Niigata prefecture. Part of the "After War" exhibition. Part of "Africa Pop" exhibition.

They know their subjects like the backs of their hands…Photographers are explorers. They are neither historians nor sociologists, but artists who construct a visual cosmology out of still or moving images, texts or sounds.

They take us along on their stories. Of course, the festival serves many other purposes as well. For one, the program aims to engage the general public by offering more accessible entry points to the non-expert.

Finally, lest we forget, the photobook continues to further entrench itself into the heart of the medium. As always, the city of Arles promises to offer a thought-provoking array of exhibitions and programming while bringing together an nspiring cross-section of the photographic community. We hope to see some of you there! Exhibitions will continue until September 25, On Thursday evening July 7 , at the always popular outdoor projections , LensCulture will be sharing some of our favorite discoveries from the past year—work from over 60 photographers, all of them winners or finalists from our Street Photography Awards and the Exposure Awards Join us for the fun!

Part of the "Discovery Award" exhibition. Mejishi, Ogi, Sadogashima, Niigata prefecture. The Story of Milk and Honey, Lebanon, , colour photograph. La Barque, from the series "Les Yeux tournent autour du soleil," Untitled, from the i series, Part of the exhibition " End". Part of the "Street" exhibition. Part of the exhibition "Rereading, Fabulous Failures. Wedsneday 14 August I liked the way the ladder is propping up the shop.

They have just moved into a new shop on the same spot, with the church getting a face-lift to match. A History of Misogyny, Chapter I. On Abortion Tourism Marta Krakow, Because she learned about her pregnancy during Christmas time, she had to a wait few weeks before making the trip.

The anxiety of waiting made her try desperate and cheaper alternatives: I was too afraid to hurt myself. I just wanted to end it, I wanted to feel stronger than the law. Although the almost hour experience passed without any altercation, Marta still had to face her at the time coercive boyfriend. Part of the exhibition "Platforms of the Visible. Concept and images by Toiletpaper magazine: Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari. Part of "Outside the Frame" exhibition.

Zerihun, deaf since birth, is a civil engineering student at Addis Ababa University. He lives in the University dormitory and spends most of this time on campus. For him, life is a silent world. Part of the "Discovery Award" Exhibition. Transgendered man, United States, around Part of "Sincerely Queer" exhibition. Blow Up, Dakar, part of the project " re- Mixing Hollywood. Part of "Africa Pop" exhibition.

From the "Trials" series. Former military officers hide their faces from the photographer during a session of their trial in which the Argentine state accused them of crimes against humanity during the last dictatorship from Bahia Blanca, Argentina, February Part of "Platforms of the Visible" exhibition.

Bretaigne Windust, The Enforcer, Amiral, from the "Le Ciel Commence Ici" series, Always keep your eyes to the skies whenever you can. You just never know when that special event will happen. At those times there may be no answers, leaving you only to wonder what just happened or what you saw, and having to ask more questions Life is a mystery, enjoy the ride.

Lids and Straws One Minute , Heading South, New Mexico, Part of the "Western Stories" exhibition. Battle of Canyon de Chelly, January Gorra de Motelo Turtle Cap , A woman with her five children walks back through the cold swamps at dusk to her hiding place after receiving for the first time in many month food distribution.

Kok Island, South Sudan, From the "Syrcas" series. IGN photograph collection, re-photographed in Part of the "After War" exhibition. Juul Hondius, Car, Part of "After War" exhibition. Frame 21, Photographs in 3 Acts, September 11 plane crash snapshots.

The final result is a composite of 8, images available on the Internet that responded to the words: Girl from Contact Sheet 2 Darkroom Manuals , Part of the " Discovery Award" exhibition. Exhibitions running from July 4 to September

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